The pulse of the city

In cities all over the world, InWear has established itself as a fashion brand that brings women collection after collection of beautiful, high-quality international style – always with a new twist.

InWear’s commitment to designing pieces that are like no others is constant – yet the shapes, fabrics, and looks of our collections continually evolve to meet the needs of our customer: the InWear woman.

InWear gives her the choices she needs to feel at home in any urban scenario. Each collection includes a broad range of clothes and accessories – from everyday pieces we refer to as “city casual” to more formal, elegant attire we call “city smart.”

For her city casual mode, InWear gives her easy-to-wear styles that flatter and fit perfectly. Soft shapes and fabrics make layering effortless and comfortable.

When she needs to show her city smart side, InWear’s tailored, modernised classics give her an enticing range of elegant outfits. Delicate finishes and chic silhouettes complete her sophisticated urban look.

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